9 Extraordinary Acts of Kindness While on the Job

9 Extraordinary Acts of Kindness While on the Job

It’s not often that you see people go above and beyond the call of duty in their daily lives. Today, I wanted to put the spotlight on a few employees and companies who have taken it upon themselves to spread kindness to those around them. Here are 9 extraordinary acts of kindness that occurred while on the job: 

1) Free Dry Cleaning 

Extraordinary Acts of Kindness


This Portland, OR dry cleaning business, Plaza Cleaners,  offers free dry cleaning to those who are unemployed and need a clean outfit. The manager says “it’s a way to pay back – or pay it forward.”

2. Helping a Blind Man

Extraordinary acts of kindnessSource

Joey, an employee at Dairy Queen, helped a blind man when a woman allegedly stole $20 that he had accidentally dropped. When she refused to give back the money, Joey not only told her to leave the store but also took $20 out of his own wallet and gave it to the blind man.

3) A Police Officer’s Kind Gift

Extraordinary acts of kindnessSource

When a little girl had her Minnie Mouse bike stolen, her mom called the police to report the incident. Later that day, police officer Kohr surprised her with a bike featuring her favorite princess and even taught her how to ride it!

4) Soldier Rescuing a Kitten

Extraordinary acts of kindness - soldier rescuing a kittenSource

A soldier took the time to feed a kitten in the middle of a war. Such a great moment that was captured.

5) Free Food for the Homeless

Extraordinary Acts of KindnessSource

Subway gives back by offering free meals to the homeless for a few hours every Friday.

6) A Waitress Picks up the Tab

Extraordinary acts of kindnessSource

When New Hampshire waitress paid the bill for 2 women in the National Guard, Ellen DeGeneres heard about it and surprised her with $10,000.

7) A Boss’ Words of Encouragement

Extraordinary Acts of KindnessSource

Tim Sanders, who used to be the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!,  makes a point of giving his staff positive feedback and letting them know how much he appreciates what they do for the company. One day, he told an employee how happy he was that he had come into his life. A few days later, that employee gave Tim an X-Box console. The employee had traded in a revolver that he was going to use to kill himself for this X-Box.  After he received the kind words that Tim said to him, the man decided to get help for his depression rather than ending his life.

8) New Boots for a Barefoot Homeless Man

Extraordinary Acts of Kindness

One night in November of 2012, Officer DePrimo ran into a homeless man in Times Square. When he saw that he had no shoes on, the officer went into a store, bought him a new pair of boots, and helped him put them on.

9) The Kindest Reddit User Ever

Extraordinary Acts of KindnessSource

A Reddit user who goes by the name “closet_genius” gifts other users in need with pizza, Christmas presents, music festival tickets, Halloween costumes, and even money through Reddit. The happy receiver of kids’ Halloween costumes writes “It was an awesome time and can’t express how much it was appreciated!”. While this isn’t exactly an act of kindness “on the job”, it’s so awesome that I had to post it!

Which one of these random acts of kindness touches you the most? Have you heard of another great one? Let me know in the comments!


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15 thoughts on “9 Extraordinary Acts of Kindness While on the Job

  1. Now these are stories I love to hear! Everyone of them were awesome but the one about the blind man at dairy queen literally had me reading with tears streaming down my face… sigh… so touching. Thanks so much for sharing;-) I’m now inspired to search and share some “good news” to post on my blog. It just feels good to know.

    Great post! and again thanks for sharing!!

  2. All of them are amazing! I think the cop and the homeless man and the young man at Dairy Queen are my standouts (well and that gentleman Tim because he literally saved a life). Very awesome happenings! :)

  3. I love this. It’s incredible how some people even consider doing such acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Imagine how amazing our daily lives would be if everyone thought like them!

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