13 thoughts on “#imahappster Happening

  1. Expressing gratitude costs nothing but gives such joy – it can really have a very positive impact. I love this example of leaving a handwritten note for waiters – people who wouldn’t be expecting it. I resolve to use handwritten notes more often to express appreciation and spread happiness. I love your mission. Thanks also for stopping by my blog – that made me happy!

  2. This is a really great idea. So often people take the time to mention what went wrong and very rarely what went right. Thanks for encouraging people to be appreciated to their food servers. Tips are great and kind words on top of that are even greater!

  3. My fiancee is a waitress, so I see firsthand the effect her customers have upon her. Whether positive or negative, no customer ever leaves their waitress\waiter unaffected. So be positive! It really never needs to cost you that much to spread some happiness in someone else’s life 🙂

  4. Such a simple, but powerful way to connect and heal and spread some joy. We do indeed have so many opportunities to express heartfelt appreciation each and every day. Peace and thanks for sharing, Frank

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