Happsters: A World Movement of Kindness

I was fortunate enough to write a guest blog post about my top 5 happiness tips for Anjana Awakened. Hope you enjoy!

Temple of Anjana

“Creating this movement is important to me because I’ve realized that happiness is truly contagious.  I find it amazing that you can improve someone’s day just by a small action like a genuine compliment or smile.  There is so much negativity in the world that we need to come together and make the extra effort to practice appreciation and love.”

Kelli Davis is a San Diego native that lives by kindness, support, and encouragement.  She is the founder of the Happster movement that dubs Happsters as a happier version of  hipsters.  On her blog, Kelli shares pictures that contain words of encouragement on dinner checks, bills with gratitude messages, and public displays of happiness like the one seen here:

Kelli and her movement of kindness have taken the world by storm with a following of over 4000 visitors in 6 countries.  Take a look at the mission of the…

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11 thoughts on “Happsters: A World Movement of Kindness

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog on happiness. I didn’t know you all were out here doing such jolly work–making the world a happier place one note at a time. I’m impressed. You’re so right, happiness is contageous!

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