Happy Notes Have Arrived!

Happiness - Ralph Waldo EmersonGood news Happsters! The Happy Notes arrived on Friday and they look great! Hoping to start mailing them out tomorrow. Can’t wait for you all to get them.

Happy Notes

If you haven’t become a Happster yet and want some free happy notes, you can sign up here:Β http://tinyurl.com/imahappster

17 thoughts on “Happy Notes Have Arrived!

  1. I am a Happster and I am so happy! THANK YOU, I dug into my mailbox on a grey day and opened a white envelope with my Happster cards!! It made my day… I can’t wait to start spreading happy notes where ever I go…. virtual hugs and kisses for the sunshine through the mail!! I plan to share on my blog ASAP! Cheers! :0)

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