Jar of Happiness

Happster Brenda let us know about this jar of happiness idea & we think it’s awesome!

Here’s the concept behind it: Write something that makes you happy on a piece of paper every day and put it into the jar. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, dig into your jar and read your happy thoughts!

What do you think? Will you make a jar of happiness? Share it on Twitter or Instagram with #imahappster so we can check it out!

78 thoughts on “Jar of Happiness

  1. I decided to do this for 2013, too! But a few days after the new year, I started my first blog and my jar turned into a page on my blog, well, it’s more of a list now. A list of happiness!

    It is working pretty well for me, as it makes me stop and think about the good things that happened, even if it is something small one day. It is much better than focusing your attention on the negative. I strongly recommend everyone to try it!

  2. I love this. It forces you to find one happy thing everyday, in spite of the many things that may have weighed you down. Positivity to the forefront! Thanks for sharing!

  3. We did a similar type thing for my Dad’s 80th birthday….we made a “Precious moments jar”…the three of us children each wrote 10 precious moments that we had with our dad over our life on seperate little cards and put them in a jar. He could go to the jar whenever he felt like a pick me up and read one of precious moments spent with him….hel loved it!

  4. Luv, luv, luv the happiness jar glad you shared this concept with the universe. I was raised on this practice instead we infused prayers. For all the Happsters speak gratitudes, liberation and joy over your life and your life shall follow the sounds of its temple. Namaste’

  5. I do something similar but I use events. I have glass jar/thing dedicated to hold little slips of paper of cool/awesome things that have happened this year. I hope that by the end of the year, I’ll be able to see 2013 as one the best years yet.

  6. i use a similar jar but instead, i put my dreams in it, i love reading them back especially since i have a lot of weird dreams. Maybe 2014 will bring along a happy jar? 😛

  7. It also makes an awesome gift to fill a jar with happy thoughts, memories, and personal attributes about a person and give it to them so they can pull out some love when they need it. I did that with the kids years ago for Father’s Day.

  8. Great Way … Yes .. Working as Positive Suggestions on Unconscious and it is a Great Tool being used in Holistic Therapies and Hypnose !!! I Thank You for visiting and follow My Blog and Happy to meet you !!! Love Positive People incline to see Happy Moments in every little thing !!! We are Loving and Appreciated the Life is Given to us !! If people looking around … With the heart eyes .. They discover so much Beauty !!! 🙂

  9. I already keep a happiness journal by my bed where I write down a happy thought for the day before I go to bed. 🙂 But I love the idea of a happiness jar at work! That’s where I stress a lot and it’d be great to have a jar with happy thoughts from my work day to dig through when the going gets tough. Great idea!

  10. This is a great idea. I write Gratitude entries on my blog, but I like this idea of building a specific place within my apartment as a visual reminder.

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