Top 5 Happiness Tips

Happiness Tips

I wrote a guest blog post for the Anjana Network a few weeks ago on my top 5 happiness tips. Here they are in a condensed format for you to enjoy. What is your top happiness tip?

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59 thoughts on “Top 5 Happiness Tips

  1. I Shall follow your happy rules… πŸ™‚ Thanks happsters for making an effort to keep the world a happy place to be…

  2. All these tips are solid and include things I already practice. It’s important to remember that our perspective greatly effects our life and is, ultimately, a choice. For example, nervous and excitement “feel” the same. The only difference is the label we place on that “feeling”, which is determined by the situation and how we view it.

  3. Happiness morphs along a range : Pleasure, Joy, Exhilaration, Ecstasy and Peace. They aren’t the same thing, in terms of permanence and intensity. But I agree … it’s great to break away from negativity and habitual unhappiness.

    Kudos, for pointing to a culture … of happiness !

  4. Thanks for stopping by so i could discover your blog πŸ™‚ This post actually made me feel a little more positive…I really should focus more on not comparing.

  5. Everything in this list is very good, but I wish to single out the admonition “don’t compare” for special comment. It is a principle I have been developing on my blog “Imaginary Visions of True Peace” which, among other things, looks at the ways we diminish happiness and create strife through mimetic rivalry (tit-for-tat in injuries.) My post “Ignominious Glory, Glorious Ignominy” explores these entanglements & my post “Imitating Saint Andrew Following Jesus” shows a more positive model. My approach is based on Christian spirituality that stresses the importance of being grounded in Christ to avoid tearing ourselves and each other apart through odious comparisons.

  6. I work with my breathe everyday now I have probly learned 12-15 styles of breathing it has been so helpful with my spiritual journey. Just wish I was taught these kinds of techniques as a child! Breathe of fire would have to be my favorite. I look forward to following you and your happiness tips!

  7. What a smashing idea! Good work – my good deed of the day was to take the time to write a letter saying thank you for my course leader on my first-aid course. He had his trainer with him and was flummoxed, so hopefully a few encouraging words (and no nonsense either, I really DID think he did a good job!) might cheer his soul!

  8. The gratitude journal is by far my best tip! Also, sharing your happiness with others! Happiness is contagious! Share your happiness with those around you!!

  9. I love this! The tip listed that helped me the most was: Stop comparing. I had an awful habit of comparing myself to other people; I was more focused on their achievements than I was my own. And those comparisons only led to negativity. But the moment I let all that go, I felt it was a load off, and now I genuinely just wish them all the best. Thanks for posting! πŸ™‚

  10. Hey, thanks for liking my post. It gave me the chance to visit yours and I really like this post. Especially tip #5. Sometimes I think we are very self-centred and don’t spend enough time to appreciate those around us. I sometimes write a note of thanks for small things that my friends do. At the beginning it seemed silly because I thought maybe it’s just too much. A verbal thanks might do. But I really believe (and I’ve witnessed it) that the impact is huge when you go that extra mile to express your feeling/gratitude.

  11. I love your blog! Thank you so much for all of your great tips and the wealth of information that is in your articles. I’d just like to share one of my happiness tips with you. I absolutely walking and surrounding myself with nature. I either go for a mindful walk or I use the time to think of all of the things that I love doing or would love to do. Nature I believe is one of the quickest ways to get us back into creative flow and contributes enormously to our overall general well-being. It always leaves me feeling revitalized, and happy. I look forward to reading more of your great blog posts. Thank you for taking the time out to share the love. You can see lots of love have gone into your posts. Great work! Love Melanie x

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