14 thoughts on “Today’s To-Do List

  1. this is an awesome list and one for me to work on and do! i love the concept of spreading happiness also. tired of all the negativity that keeps being spread. it’s useless to be that way. also – thank you much for stopping by my blog, reading my post about june being for fathers and for choosing to follow my blog. 🙂 it’s awesome to have some sunshine walking along side. have a great day!

  2. Reblogged this on Motivating For Positive Change and commented:
    This little tid bit from The Hapsters asks a great question. What is on your to do list. Are these things on your to do list?

    So often, when we are creating our “to do” lists we forget to add that things that truly need to be on there.

    Try putting these things on your to do list on a daily basis:

    To do today:
    1. Say thank you for every part of my body.
    2. Greet each person with a smile and a wish that they have a great day.
    3. Be remembered for my kindness.
    4. Begin each correspondence with “Hello, From my heart”. (I can’t take credit for this. There is a nonprofit {hellofrommyheart.com} that are asking people to do this to spread positivity and love into the world.
    5. Take a moment to help someone.
    6. Get to know my neighbor.
    7. Bake a pie – why not?
    8. Stop and look around at the world for 10 minutes.
    9. Pet a cat (It’s been found that petting a purring cat for 10 minutes has A LOT of health benefits including renewed energy and lower cholesterol, to name just a few)
    10. Do something to improve the world in some way shape or form.

    Let’s say 1 person puts number 10 on their to do list..just #10, and their week looks like this:
    Monday – agreed to donate $1 to Spca at Petsmart.
    Tuesday – donated a bunch of clothes and things to a domestic violence shelter.
    Wednesday – Mowed the lawn, and decided to mow my neighbors as well.
    Thursday – Brought in both my neighbor’s trash cans
    Friday – Served soup for 1 hr at a downtown mission before going out with my friends in the same area.
    Saturday – Did bills, and donated $20 to Save the Florida Panthers.
    Sunday – Tossed my change in the bin at the McDonals to help the Ronald McDonald House.

    That’s 7 small little things that we can all do. What if 10 people did this? What if 100 people did this? Are you ready for a challenge. Stay tuned for the “10 for 10” challenge.

    Reinvent your to do list so that it includes changing yourself into a more confident, happy, positive person; and helping the world become a better place.

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