6 Happiness Movements Everyone Should Know About

I’ve started noticing more and more happiness movements popping up recently, so I decided to compile a few of my favorites to share with you! Here are 6 happiness movements everyone should know about:

1. 365 Grateful Project – A documentary about the extraordinary power of gratitude has turned into a global movement. In an effort to fight depression, Hailey decided to take one Polaroid photo a day of something she felt grateful for. Hailey posted her project on flickr and gradually others began to do their own versions of the 365 Grateful project.

Learn more about the 365 Grateful Project here: http://365grateful.com/

2. You Are Beautiful – Matthew Hoffman started the You Are Beautiful project by creating stickers that say “you are beautiful” on them. The movement has grown in the past decade from just 100 stickers to a half million stickers posted around the globe. He sends anyone who wants to be part of the movement 5 free stickers.

Learn more about the You Are Beautiful Project here: http://you-are-beautiful.com/

3. Happy Fridays at USC – Students at the University of Southern California (USC) started a happiness movement out of their love for Fridays. Each Friday they randomly distribute treats around USC’s campus to other students. They are always homemade and filled with love.

Learn more about Happy Fridays at USC here: https://www.facebook.com/HappyFridaysUSC/

4. Happier Boston – The movement is exactly what it sounds like. Sponsored by Samaritans, a non-denominational, not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of suicide, their goal is to make Boston a happier place. They were recently featured on the Today Show for carrying happy signs and handing out oranges to people walking by at a Boston train station.

Learn more about Happier Boston here: http://happierboston.org/

5. Delivering Happiness – Delivering Happiness started as a book written by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and has grown into a movement to help people, organizations, and businesses apply frameworks of happiness to their lives. They’ve partnered with Meetup.com so that you can meet up with other people in your town who are involved in the movement.

Learn more about Delivering Happiness here: http://www.deliveringhappiness.com/jointhemovement/

Happy Notes
Happy Notes

6. The Happsters – Of course you already know a little bit about us, but if you’re new to the blog here’s a little background. Our goal is to make other people happy and let others know when they make us happy. Official Happsters are sent free happy notes to so that they can express gratitude to those who make them happy. We now have official Happsters in over 20 countries spreading happiness.

Become an official Happster and get free Happy Notes here: http://tinyurl.com/imahappster

Have you heard of any of these movements before? Are you part of any of them? Let me know in the comments!

40 thoughts on “6 Happiness Movements Everyone Should Know About

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been interested in happiness since I can remember. I’ve always wondered why some people seem so effortlessly happy while others have to work so hard to get and maintain happiness and I’ve dedicated a few blog posts in the past to exploring this! Anyway, I will definitely check these suggestions out. There’s always room for more happiness!

  2. Good post. I’d like to read that book that the CEO wrote. Glad to know that people are still doing caring things for one another.

  3. Thanks for sharing these happiness movements. My kids and I are trying to thing of fun ways to spread happiness this summer and these are some great inspiration for us. 🙂

  4. Oh this is so neat! I came to check your blog and it looks a lot like my own (the template)! Maybe we have similar energies… Who knows! Oh, well… LOVE what I see! Keep happstering everyone – love what you do, and I hope to be able to also keep happiness flowing around ~ xoxo

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