5 Reasons to Find a Farmers Market near You

find farmers market near you

Do you have a farmers market close to you? I hope so! Farmers Markets are not only fun, they are also a great way to support your local farmers.

Here are 5 reasons to find a farmers market near you:

1) Get fresh & cheaper food from the farm

Farmers Market

The fruits and vegetables that you buy are sold directly to you without any need for shipping or sitting in storage. In addition to being fresh, a study for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont found that prices were lower for many conventionally produced grocery items at farmers markets than they were at supermarkets.

2) Ask for cooking tips from the people who know

Farmers Market FoodOften times the farmers and artisans selling food at the farmers market are happy to teach you about how to best cook their food.

3) Spread happiness in your community

Happy at Farmers Market There are so many people shopping and hanging around that it’s easy to strike up a conversation or even hand out a happy note. Sometimes there is even musical entertainment like this “Smiling Accordion Sensation”.

4) Discover a wide variety of food

foodYou’ll find a large assortment of interesting food such as green garlic, purple cauliflower, green juice, urchins, and much more!

5) Buy gorgeous flowers for a friend, loved one, or even yourself

Farmers Market FlowersYou’ll see good deals and vibrant flowers with a wide variety of choices at the farmers market.

Bonus: See lots of puppies and dogs

Farmers Market Dogs

All photos taken at the farmers market that I frequent in Little Italy, San Diego.

Do you ever go to farmers markets? What’s your favorite part?


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21 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Find a Farmers Market near You

  1. We just found out yesterday that there is a Farmer’s Market right by our house (Tule Springs Las Vegas)! I can’t wait to go and get some good stuff! Fruits for sure, and maybe flowers for fun. 😉

  2. it’s too hot where i live (the mojave desert-needles, cali) to have farmers’ markets during the summer though there is a small one out here other months. i have enjoyed farmers’ markets because of the atmosphere – it is very welcoming. i may just have to see about the one in san diego some time. 🙂 (or las vegas – that’s even closer haha)

  3. We live only three blocks away from our downtown farmers market so for us parking, or not having to drive to get there, is the best part. It is also held at our historic Carnegie Free Library Park. Our farmers market is a family event and is packed every Thursday evening. The fresh fruit is awesome!

  4. It sounds wonderful. But the produce is more likely to be local if it is in season. So if I see summer squash at the farmers market, and it is May in Michigan… probably not local…someone bought it from the produce supplier. We have a wonderful old farmer’s market in Grand Rapids….the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market (established 1922). A new downtown market that is opening up this fall. I have not found the farmers’ market prices to be cheaper. Sometimes it is more expensive if fact. However, if the produce is in season, it is probably fresher and you are supporting local business.

  5. Yes, I shop local farms as well as farmers markets. I just started some sauerkraut yesterday made from local cabbage grown on VAncouver Island BC Canada. Gratitude Dance for organic local farmers. :~) Farmers are my heroes!

  6. bonus: see lots of pups. :))
    i just downloaded an app called Farmstand, shows you all of the Farmers Markets in your area. 🙂

  7. We have fantastic farmers markets in our area. They are so popular that the crowd is quite unmanageable. Thinking about getting up at the crack of dawn to go after reading your post though!

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