Inspiring Happy Notes

There are just 2 days left in the Happy Note a Day Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated!! You all rocked it! Here are some notable happy notes from Happsters in the challenge. Maybe it will inspire you to write a happy note or two…

1. Idol Happy Note

Idol Happy Note

Via Renae: To Princess Penny 🙂

2. Escalator Happiness

Escalator Happiness

Via Jolanda: this for the guys that fixed the escalator at my job

3. Iced Coffee=Happiness

Iced Coffee=Happiness

Via Eat Nap Play: A happy note and an iced coffee for my hubby! #imahappster #spreadthehappiness

4. Cookie Smiley Face

Cookie Smiley Happy Note

 Via Abby: Made a cookie smiley face for one of my co-workers today to help him make it through the end of this long week! The note says: “It’s impossible to not smile while eating a Monster’s Inc. cookie! Happy Friday!”

5. Food, Dads & Husbands

Happy Note

Via Kari: Note for my honey…

6. Supportive Happy Note

Supportive Happy Note

Via Renae: June 8- to Corey, my 27 year old nephew. My sister had him when she was 16 & her BF was 15 they are still together today, but can’t handle that he’s gay. He’s amazing! College grad, flies all over the world, has worked for famous people.. but he’s gay so that just ruins it somehow

7. Thoughtful Friend

Thoughtful Friend

Via Emma: A friend was feeling down about herself. While she popped out I wrote a note and left it on her dressing table.

8. Treat & Heat

Happy Note

Via Carrie: today goes to my co worker for her kind heart and generosity

9. Monday Blues?

Monday Blues

Via Abby: Left this in the bathroom at my favorite coffee shop yesterday!

10. Picnic Full of Happiness

Picnic Happiness

Via Toni: Delivering happiness. a porch picnic…

10. Love

You Make My World a Better Place

Via Tisha: The hubby calls me mrs brittanica since I know it all. Lol 🙂

11. Lunch Happiness

Lunch Happiness

Via Lisa: Just had lunch at Galaxy Cafe. Left a card. #imahappster

12. Appreciating Your Mailman

Mailman Love

Via Nicole: Excited to bring a smile to the face of somebody I’ll probably never meet 🙂 #imahappster

Have you written a happy note lately? Let me know in the comments!


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