Act Like a Turtle Today

Happiness Tip: Act Like a Turtle

Monday has snuck up on us again. Try your best to enjoy it!

I came upon this turtle the other day who was completely content lying in the sand for hours on end. Every once in awhile, he would move an inch and try to get into the ocean, but couldn’t quite make it. While he was stuck on the sand, I could tell that he loved being in the sun and knew that his time would eventually come to get back in the water.

It’s better to be a turtle who walks patiently and enjoys every step of the way, rather than a rabbit who runs fast, but misses all the details of life.

Are you enjoying this Monday? What are you up to today?

9 thoughts on “Act Like a Turtle Today

  1. Oh… a good day indeed.
    Monday tends to hit like a freight train…. but that forces us to get back into the groove very fast. I have written a book with a long title:
    40 Fortifications for the
    Heart & Mind & Body & Spirit
    Designed to Strengthen Lives and Activate Destinies
    On this happy Monday I have sent out a pile of letters asking prominent personalities to write endorsements for the book. An awkward and awesome task which I am trying to turn into an adventure~! Now I have to get back to my real job…. making shiny colorful glass jewelry.
    Thanks for the turtle~! He’s wonderful~!

  2. Love this story! Such a great reminder to take it easy on ourselves sometimes, and to just enjoy a slower pace (and the joys that come with it) once in awhile.

  3. I’ve been a rabbit. Now I am turning myself into a turtle. 🙂 Rabbits have their purpose. It ‘s served it’s season. On the Monday note – I don’t work 9-5pm. Yet I still dread Mondays. What is that collective psyche. Plus I Love what I do. Here is to happiness.

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