5 Ways to Win the Holidays & say no to Stress

5 ways to win the holidays & say no to stressPhotography via Jack Bates

The holidays are the most magical time of the year and I don’t know about you, but December is my favorite month :). But with all of the holiday parties and present buying, sometimes stress creeps up on us unexpectedly. Here are 5 ways to win the holidays and beat holiday stress:

1) Buy/Make Gifts in Bulk

Ok, so I’m not saying you should get EVERYONE the same thing, but it will save time and energy if you get a few of your friends or family members something either from the same store or make them something the same.

2) Save “Me” Time

During the holidays, you can start feeling like you’re going a thousand miles a minute and have no time to lose. Remember to save a little bit of time at the end or beginning of the day to center yourself. Get yourself out of the holiday craziness by meditating, taking a bath or reading.

3) Give Back

Give back taking your family to volunteer at a soup kitchen or help wrap presents for the underprivileged. You can also partake in smaller random acts of kindness by paying for someone’s coffee behind you or offering to babysit your friends children.

4) Go in with a Plan

We all love our family, but sometimes when everyone gets together someone can bring up a topic or say something not very nice that causes arguments. Be prepared for this moment. If you plan for something along these lines, you will be able to quickly recover by changing the subject or going to help in the kitchen without getting caught up in the negativity.

5) Shop Online

I used to do all of my shopping at the mall and this year I’ve done 75% online. Many times you can find coupon codes for the website you’re buying from if you do a quick google search and save money! It saves so much time and you don’t have to battle for a parking spot! I also love Pinterest’s new “Holiday Gifts” tab – lots of great ideas there.

Who are you spending the holidays with this year? Let me know in the comments! ♥

6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Win the Holidays & say no to Stress

  1. Shopping online was a GREAT decision this year–I think it’s gonna be my new plan. That, or get myself on the ball and buy gifts before December so the stores aren’t so nuts!

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