Tips for a Great Morning, Every Morning

What are some of the first things you do each morning when you wake up? Recently, I’ve been really conscious of what I choose to do when I open my eyes in the morning.

I go through phases of reaching for my phone on my bedside table to see the time and then getting sucked into reading work email and checking social media while still in bed. Since I’m a social media manager, I look at the Twitter and Facebook accounts that I manage at work and then check my own personal ones. Sometimes I would center myself with some morning mantrasย or meditate, but it wasn’t a daily routine.

Three weeks ago I made a rule for myself that I would leave my phone in the other room and commit to some new morning rituals. Note: I am a fairly early-riser so I have about an hour of extra time before I need to get ready for work in the morning.

Tips for a great morning, every morning

Here are the rituals I try to do each morning. I get to about 5 of the 6 each day.

1. Think of 3 things I’m grateful for.

2. Meditate

3. Read a few pages of a book. Right now I’m reading The Power of Self-Healing by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini.

Morning Rituals

4.ย Do some stretching exercises/yoga.

Morning RitualPhoto of me and Billy at the Wanderlust Festival

5. Go for a morning walk around my neighborhood (and sometimes down to the beach!).

Morning Rituals

ย 6. Eat breakfast

Morning Rituals

What does your morning routine consist of? Let me know in the comments!

24 thoughts on “Tips for a Great Morning, Every Morning

  1. I LOVE the routine you’re striving toward – it sounds like a perfect morning to me! I totally agree with you on the phone thing and have recently also started plugging my phone in downstairs. I found that I would be looking at it before bed until my eyes felt tired, and that it was the first thing I reached for in the morning – a bad habit that I could seriously feel making me sick. I feel so much better at night (and consequently, in the am) when I don’t have the temptation to look at it, and I can fall asleep counting my blessings instead. Thanks for sharing your morning routine… I need to try a few of these!

  2. I still keep my phone right next to my bedside even if I am an early riser. The guise I am using is “I need the alarm” when there are thousands of other alarms in the house. Will do that from tonight. Thanks again.

  3. What a wonderful morning routine. Having recently taken a break from social media I am so happy to feel the space that is now in my life… I meditate, pray and thank God/ the Universe for all of my blessings and commit to giving the best of myself this new day. I then chat with my lovely flatmate whilst getting ready and eat something nourishing for my body, mind and soul :). Riding to work and through the park is always a morning thrill! I’m looking to make even more space in my life now so I can incorporate some morning yoga! Thank you for sharing and reminding us all of putting our wellbeing before our social commitments. X

  4. Oh that sounds like a wonderful morning rituals. I have many times thought that starting my day with yoga or meditation would be great, but I am just so tired in the morning, I get ready on auto-pilot and is always running a bit late:) So, I leave the yoga and meditation to other times during the day.

  5. I recently read that most “successful” people have a morning routine. Affirmations, exercise, meditation, reading, etc. I started to examine mine and realize why it’s so bad. I check my phone, read the “news” (mostly infotainment if I’m being honest), check all the social media pages I use, and sometimes even turn on the TV. I can’t imagine how much more productive I’d be if I started my day on the right foot….

    Alexa —

  6. Actually, morning sometimes is a relative thing because of late night early dawn work, do the pre-decided/pledged 5am most of the times is ‘later’…
    However, I always start with a full bow to Heavenly Parent, greeting Him with gratitude and pledge, before the spiritual food from Holy Scriptures.

    This is always a very conscious time, and nowadays I started to include push-ups, sit-ups and stretching, so My mind and heart can focus better.

    Most of the times I do not eat physical food before spiritual one…

  7. I have things I do before I ever turn on electronics. Taking time for myself (because I am worth that time and everyone else is too) adds productivity to my day.

  8. My morning consists of getting up and getting the breakfasts and lunches made for the kids and sending them off to school and my hubby to work…then I have “me” time and nothing feels as good as a good run in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I need to do more of this! I feel so much better when I’m not rushed for work and I’ve actually had some time for myself. This morning I was up an hour earlier than usually (more like an hour and a half, lets be honest I never wake up on time anymore) because, you know, I’m now an east coast girl (lol jk). But it was so nice to sit, drink some coffee, read some blogs, walk Piper, etc. before I had to get going for the day.

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