Happy Explosion

The Ultimate Random Acts of Kindness Movement - Happy Explosion

As you may know, I created this blog in an effort to spread as much happiness as possible. The world needs more happy people!

I had this new idea while falling asleep the other night (when some of my best ideas come to me) and I got so excited that I could barely fall asleep. I’ve decided to create something called the “Happy Explosion”. Here’s how it will work:

1) Every week I’m going to spread happiness in a different way and leave it up to YOU to tell me how.

2) I’ll give you some options (you can come up with your own if you want!) and I’ll take the most popular happy act from the comments to do.

3) I’ll announce what happy act I’m going to do on Monday and then post about the experience on the next Saturday.

4) If you have a blog, I’d love for you to post your random act of happiness there.  I’ll post a link up on Saturday’s post so we can all see each other’s Happy Explosions of the week!

How does that sound? Ready for the first week?

Happy Explosion: Week 1

Should we:

A) Buy the person’s coffee behind us

B) Leave a note of gratitude for our mailman

C) Leave a sweet treat on a co-workers desk

D) You choose

You can use the button below on your blog if you want to participate in the Happy Explosion!
The Ultimate Random Acts of Kindness Movement - Happy Explosion
Just copy/paste the code below to add it to your blog:

<a href="http://wp.me/p37fK9-E6">

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-2465"


alt="happyexplosion" width="400" height="254" /></a>

Let me know in the comments what you think we should do for the first week of “Happy Explosion”! I’ll have a post up on Monday with the winner so we can all get to spreading happiness ASAP!


Not an official Happster yet? Become one and get free happy notes mailed to you here.

Happy Notes

33 thoughts on “Happy Explosion

  1. I use a toll road to go to and from work. Once a week, I pay the toll for the person behind me. My husband does a Happy Act when he is in line for coffee, lunch, etc. He will buy the lunch of a service man (or woman) if the person is in uniform and it is obvious they are active or, for one of our other heroes in uniform: policeman, rescue worker 9they usually have on a shirt with embroidered badge stating they are EMS, etct), or law enforcement person. this is something done usually on an average of three times a month, if he sees them in line. Last week, we were in a restaurant for lunch and two EMS crew members were in a booth across from us. We heard some of their conversation about a rescue of a trapped dog in a car in water. the humans had fled the car. We asked for their check, quietly, from the wait person and then gave the wait person the money and tip for their lunch. It seemed such a small thing to do. We asked to not be identified as the buyers for their lunch. When they asked for their bill, the person told them their lunch was paid for . When asked by who, the person said, just some of your fellow diners and the diners said to tell you thank you. They looked stunned, but happy. It felt so good to do that. When they left, they asked for attention and then said, thank you to whoever bought our lunch. It meant a lot. The whole café erupted into cheers for them! Maybe it gave others the idea to something like that in the future. I hope so. But….buying coffee, etc. should become part of our lives to do a small thank you, at least, to all these people who use their lives to help us and keep us from harm.

    1. That is such an amazing story. I completely agree that doing small acts of kindness should be a part of our everyday lives! Thanks so much for your comment and for continuing to spread happiness!

  2. I can’t find your morning mantra post for some reason. I do what you do every morning (except go to the beach!) but I start my day off with this video as well. It is not the “official” video. Instead, it is a dog video. At some point, it reverses the times and you see that indeed, the best day of this dog’s life happened just that morning – he was adopted and brought to his forever home. It made quite an impact on me and sometimes when I watch, it still makes me cry – but happy cry! it’s a lot of fun, this video.

  3. I think I will pay for coffee for the person behind me! I LOVE this initiative!!! I will definitely participate and advertise it!! =)

      1. Thank you for starting this! This is probably a silly question but how do you “link up”?

      2. There will be something at the bottom of my post where you can add in your blog post about it :). I’ll explain more next week!

  4. Love that idea!
    thanks for sharing.
    I would be honored if you would follow me as I share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.


  5. I’ll be leaving a note for my mail person. I see her nearly every day! Great idea and long live the happiness project! PS: I’ll be sharing on my blog, The Soulicious Life as well!

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