Cookie Monster – Happy Explosion

Happy Explosion Movement - Pay it ForwardHappy Weekend! Last week, I had an incredible pay it forward coffee experience. This week, my pay it forward Happy Explosion involved my favorite food: cookies 🙂

If you’re late to the Happy Explosion party, you can see what Happy Explosion is all about here.

I baked some cookies on Tuesday night and brought them into the web development department at work. I obviously had to sneak in a few before I brought them in ;). The guys work such long hours so the least I could do was bring them some cookies! I brought them in around 8:30 and they were gone a few hours later.

Mini Cookies - Happy Explosion Pay it Forward

Aren’t mini cookies the best?

Mini Cookies - Happy Explosion Pay it Forward

Did you do anything for Happy Explosion this week? If so, leave a comment below with the link!

I’m going on vacation and won’t be home to do posts for the next few weeks of Happy Explosion, but that doesn’t mean you should stop! I can’t wait to see what you do while I’m gone!

What are you up to this weekend? What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

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