What I Tried & Loved in 2016


Hi friends!

I’m usually not too good at reflecting on the past. I’m more of a live in the moment and look forward kind of gal, but as we go into the new year I wanted to share with you some things I tried in 2016. I heard Katie Dalebout do this on her podcast and thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to do it myself! Here is my list of things I tried this year and hope to continue in 2017:

1) Word of the Year

2016 was the first year I chose a word to focus on. I chose “calm” and it was the perfect word for me. I generally am more of a  “go go go” type person, but I knew this year was going to be especially hectic and wanted a word that would ground me. The biggest example of this hectic year was that I planned a wedding and got married! It was so exciting and one of the best days of my life. Luckily the word calm really stuck with me the whole time. It was a great reminder when things got crazy that allowed me to stay relaxed and keep calm.

2) Podcasts

I tell everyone I know how incredible podcasts are. Obviously they are a huge phenomenon that most people are familiar with, but I got deep into them this year in a way that I had never dreamed of back in 2015. I started by listening to the podcast “Serial” when I was sick one week and never turned back. Now listening to podcasts is a crucial part of my daily routine. I usually listen to them while I’m getting ready in the morning and while driving to and from work. My most recent find is the podcast “How I Built This,” which focuses on interviewing very successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cubin, Joe Gebbia (founded Airbnb) and Yvon Chouinard (founded Patagonia). Another one I absolutely adore is the TED Radio Hour, where they choose a topic of the hour and discuss it with experts who have done TED talks on the topic.

3) Morning Pages

I started writing morning pages a few months ago and absolutely love the daily download. I’ve never been much of a journal person, but this practice has been the perfect way to get into journaling for me. Morning pages are basically a daily writing activity where you share unfiltered thoughts. Most people do them right when they wake up in the morning, which I think is great, but it works best for me when I get to work in the morning. I work with my brother so we both do them at the same time for about 10 minutes once we sit down at our desk each morning. It helps me feel more ready for the day, less anxious about what I have to do and get onto paper creative ideas I’m having.

Want to read the rest of my favorite things of 2016? The whole post is in the Happsters Facebook group. Request to join by clicking here. I usually respond within the hour.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!



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