Introducing Seattle Happsters Squad Leader, Mary Ann

the world is your oyster (15)

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest Happsters Squad Leader, Mary Ann to the community! She is the Leader for the first Happsters Squad in Seattle.

Don’t know what Happsters Squads are? Here’s a brief overview:

Happsters Squads bring together women who live in the same city to practice the 4 G’s of happiness together: Gathering, Gratitude, Growth and Giving. You can learn all about it and join one near you here.

Here’s a Q&A with our Seattle Leader, Mary Ann, so you can get to know her:

1. What are 3 things that make you happy? 

1. The warm sunny weather. I love to be outside, and feel the warmth on my skin, since I’m usually so cold LOL. So I love traveling to warmer climates!

2. A good dark chocolate bite.

3. My dog;)

2. What is your favorite book or podcast right now?

If I’m not reading a fantasy book, I’m reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein and How to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. (sorry just couldn’t narrow it down to 1!!) 

3. What is your dream job or are you currently doing it?

Like if I could do anything in the world? OH man, I have several passions….creating an app focused on fitness, mindfulness and intuitive eating. Making my own leggings brand. Traveling the world and sharing my experiences with people. Have an awesome coffee shop like place where you can bring your pet, do yoga or a sculpt class and drink and eat good food. 

4. What’s your go-to show on Netflix right now?

We just finished the crown (you have to watch it if you haven’t), and started up The Americans. But besides Netflix, I honestly can’t wait for West World and Game of Thrones to start up on HBO ;). 

5. What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?

Take our dog to the dog park, catch up with a friend, walk around on a nice sunny day, go to fun coffee shops, ski, biking, going to exercises classes, eat at my favorite restaurants, drink my matcha, go to my favorite vegan ice cream shop (Frankie and Jo’s) and restaurant (Plum Bistro). 

6. What is a secret special talent you have?

Some call me a dog whisperer, but I think I just love dogs so much they know!! Or maybe it is because I have treats on hand. 

7. What is your favorite affirmation/quote?

“You have the power to create the world you want to see” – Gabrielle Bernstein 

8. Where do you find you are most at peace? 

With nature. When I’m at the beach or outside on a sunny day walking around with my dog, I love it. It feels so calming and I just zone out. 

Check out some of the photos from the first Seattle event:


Interested in joining a Happsters Squad near you? Click here. We have new Squads popping up in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, San Diego & more coming up soon!

You can find Mary Ann on Instagram at @healthysoulfitnut

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