Introducing Austin Happsters Squad Leader, Sarah

the world is your oyster (20)

We’re so excited to welcome our newest Happsters Squad Leader, Sarah to the community! She is the Leader for the first Happsters Squad in Austin.

Don’t know what Happsters Squads are? Here’s a brief overview:

Happsters Squads bring together women who live in the same city to practice the 4 G’s of happiness together: Gathering, Gratitude, Growth and Giving. You can learn all about it and join one near you here.

Here’s a Q&A with our Austin Happsters Squad Leader Sarah, so you can get to know her:

1. What are 3 things that make you happy? 

My Fiance, My dogs & Bubble Baths.

2. What is your favorite book or podcast right now?

So hard! I LOVE podcasts and books so much. I never miss an episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, but I love tons more too. Favorite Book – The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer & The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, plus so many more.

3. What is your dream job or are you currently doing it?

To run my blog and to work as a healer. My ULTIMATE dream is to open a spiritual center in Austin similar to Four Moons/Soujorn in San Diego, with tons of different healing modalities.

4. What’s your go-to show on Netflix right now? 

I truly do not watch much TV much anymore, but we just started watching Last Chance U on Netflix and it’s AMAZING!

5. What are your favorite things to do in Austin?

Well, I just moved here a few months ago so I am really still exploring and getting to know the city. It’s SUCH a foodie place, with amazing restaurants and food trucks everywhere. Walking the trails on Lady Bird Lake is so peaceful and beautiful, I try to go daily if it isn’t too hot. Blues on The Green is a super fun outdoor music concert they have once a month, and of course I love the live music everywhere!

6. What is your favorite affirmation/quote?

“I have enough, I know enough, I am enough.”

“Travel Light, live light, spread light, be the light.” Yogi Bhajan

7. Where do you find you are most at peace?

I Find the most peace being near the water and being out in nature. I love to be on the water at dusk, it doesn’t get much better than that to me.

Here is the group photo from the first Austin Happsters Squad event:



Interested in joining a Happsters Squad near you? Click here. We have new Squads popping up in San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles & more coming up soon!

You can find Sarah on Instagram at @sincerelyspiritual

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