4 G’s Monday Night Ritual

Note: This Ritual is intended for Happsters Squad members, but if you are not currently in a Squad, feel free to do it on your own!



Welcome to the Happsters Squad 4 G’s Monday Night Ritual!

We believe that happiness and meaning come when you focus on the 4 “G’s”: “gratitude,” “growth,” “gathering,” and “giving,” so in addition to meeting with our Squads 10 times a year, we also have an optional Monday Night Ritual that was specifically created to help us increase the joy and happiness in our lives.

Here’s a recap of the 4 G’s and why they are important:

Gratitude: As the saying goes, “gratitude turns what we have into enough.” Research shows that practicing gratitude reduces anxiety, leads to greater happiness and optimism, and increases life satisfaction.

Growth: Continual learning and growth is also a big happiness indicator. Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding yourself to achieve your highest potential. When we are always learning, we start to be more excited and passionate about life and the world around us.

Gathering: Research shows that happy people tend to have deep friendships. In fact, our brains are wired to connect. Gathering with fellow Squad Members and friends and family is a high priority of ours.

Giving: Helping others is not only good for the people we help, but the process of giving also makes us happier! Giving to others is good for our health, makes us feel happy and has even been shown to be contagious!

The 4 G’s Monday Night Ritual includes 3 components & begins every Monday afternoon or evening as you prepare for the week ahead.

1) 4 G’s Monday Night Texting Group
If you’re currently in a Happsters Squad texting group, text with your fellow Squad Members about the prompt of the month. Sometimes it may be what you’re grateful for right now and other times it may be the best part of your day.

If you aren’t currently in a texting group, send a text to a friend asking how her weekend was or just let her know you’re thinking of her.

2) 4 G’s Monday Night Meditation
Download the 4 G’s Monday Night Meditation created by Happsters Squad Member and Life Coach, Amanda Marit. Every Monday, sit down in a quiet, comfortable spot and relax while listening to the calming meditation. This 10-minute meditation is perfect for non-meditators and advanced-meditators alike. It will get you into a relaxed headspace and prepare you for the week ahead.

The meditation can be found on your Happsters Squad membership site.

3) 4 G’s Monday Night Journal
Download the journal on your Happsters Squad membership site or simply write the questions down in your own journal and repeat each week. There are 4 questions (one for each “G”) and this practice will take between 5-15 minutes. You might find that it even gets you into a writing flow and you might want to write more than the space provides. Keep writing until you feel you’ve said all you needed to say.
The questions are as follows:
  1. What are 3 things I’m grateful for right now?
  2. What is 1 thing I can do this week to help someone else?
  3. What is 1 thing I want to accomplish this week?
  4. How do I plan to connect with someone this week?

Pro Tip: Set reminders in your phone to remind you to do what you wrote about. For example, set a reminder for Tuesday at 6:00pm to call your friend that you wrote about wanting to connect with in Question #4.

That’s it! Enjoy and we hope you’ll start looking forward to Monday nights as much as we do. These steps do not have to be done in order. Feel free to do them in whatever order works for you.


Note: Remember that this is all completely optional. Only do it if it feels right to you. Finally, don’t worry if you forget to do it one Monday or aren’t as consistent as you’d like to be. This is for YOU – Some weeks might fall through the cracks and that’s okay.