Welcome to your happy pen pal match-making service. We are bringing pen pals back into style. Exchange letters and happy mail just like good old-fashioned pen pals!

Get matched with your #HappsterMail pen pal by following the steps below.

 1) Fill out the short survey here to tell me about yourself.

 2) Get matched with a #HappsterMail pen pal by yours truly. I will email you both to let you know who it is.

3) Send your pen pal a letter (Ideas on what to include here).

4) Keep sending letters back and forth for however long you want and make a friend for life! If you want another pen pal, just fill out the form again.

Want to learn more? Check out my blog post where I talk about the program in more detail.


Click here to get your HappsterMail Pen Pal

P.S. Don’t forget to use #HappsterMail to connect with other members of the community. ♥

10 thoughts on “HappsterMail

  1. I filled out the survey last week I believe and I haven’t heard anything yet. I realize I may perhaps being impatient lol, but I also wasn’t sure if perhaps maybe my survey wasn’t accepted. Hope to hear soon! 🙂

    1. Hi there! Im pretty sure I got your responses. I just got so many people to sign up that I am still in the middle of matching! Hope to get back to you this week. Xo

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