Top 5 Happy Songs

Hi Happsters! This is one of my favorite happiness quotes: “Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Music can have an effect on your mood and happiness, so I asked the Happster community to tell me their favorite happy songs. Here are the top 5 happy songs:

top 5 happy songs

1. Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

2. You Are My Sunshine by  Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

3. You’re All The World To Me by Tony Bennett

4. 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

5. Top Of The World by The Carpenters

If you had to choose one song that makes you happy, what would it be?

Hope you have a happy weekend!

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Happy Songs

    1. THANK YOU! I forgot about that song and I LOVE it! I’m putting together a running playlist, and this one is so inspiring 🙂

  1. Though I never heard those songs, Christian worship songs and children’s songs make me happy. It is full of joy, hope love, fun and happy to sing them. 🙂

  2. So true! I had a grumpy week and told my husband “I have decided to be happy now”. And it worked 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great quote!

  3. All great songs, but I think, off the top of my head one of the songs that can always make me happy is Rosalita (jump a little higher) by The Boss.

  4. I love so many songs, but Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo-ole version) almost always bring a happy tear to my eye. Thanks for the uplifting blog!

  5. The more happiness we can put into the world, the more happy we can create this world to be. Happiness, not violence or negativity, is the key to social change. If we increase the positivity of the world, we have.the ability to change our world and the future!

  6. Picking a song that is a favorite is difficult, I only to music that makes me good inside, I find I sing Rocket Man (Elton John) and Bennie and the Jets, but lately I also been singing Blue Collar (BTO) to myself but I also really like These Eyes by the Guess Who. I’m a different generation from you but I am sure I would like your music also. Thanks for visiting and following my blog, all the encouragement is much appreciated.

  7. I know all of the songs except 93 Millions Miles. I always loved, You Are My Sunshine, but I couldn’t sing it to my grandsons because they would cry. Not because I couldn’t sing, I can, it was something about the words, I guess. I sang it to my children and they sang it too. I will have to try with the new grandchild when he comes. I might have better luck! ha ha! Love your positive attitude and sunny words. They brighten my day! Thanks.

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