Do you See a Weed or a Wish?

Are you challenging yourself to see the good today? 

Today, challenge yourself to:

Choose optimism over pessimism
Choose laughter over jealousy
Choose forgiveness over anger
Choose love over hatred
Choose to see a wish over a weed 


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25 thoughts on “Do you See a Weed or a Wish?

  1. It reminds me of Whoville. The dandelion in its natural setting is a beautiful flower. I imagine the sphere of seeds as the universe and somewhere inside is a place called Earth. And here we are. From God’s perspective our problems are very small even though to us they seem insurmountable. Choosing optimism, laughter, forgiveness and love will be my choice today! Thanks for this great post to start my day!!!

  2. It will always be a wish. Every time I see a dandelion I see them as opportunities and wishes. Wishes to wish anything you want. Wishes are a way of telling the universe/god/the world exactly what you’d like to happen in the world. How awesome is that! So as soon as you blow, there are wishes filling the world and taking you wish wherever it needs to be. My wish for you: May you make someone smile and do something to make the world a better place! (BLOW).

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