Talking about Our Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction

What you focus on manifests itself in your life. Are you focusing on your joys?  Remember that consistently talking about your problems will not make them better.

Live each moment fully.
Enjoy every small blessing that comes your way.
Say thank you to the universe.
Your life is now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. ♥

24 thoughts on “Talking about Our Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction

  1. Love this! Just imagine taking the same energy you would normally use to stew about the bad stuff, and use it towards being grateful for what’s working in your life? It’s so powerful! Use your energy for good Happsters!

  2. I try to turn into my own troubleshooter and when I am faced with a problem/issue I try to determine a solution whenever I can which helps move on from the misery… However, this is never as good as the feelings you get from celebrating your joys. Great post.

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