More Love Letters

More Love Letters

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a website called “More Love Letters“. The title intrigued me and when I dug deeper into what it was, I was sold. The concept? To leave letters of encouragement throughout your community and mail letters to strangers who send in love letter requests. You can visit this page on their site to find requests from people who need a little cheering up. They give their story and an address where you can send them a note.

So I decided I had to send some out and called one of my favorite blogger babes, London to do it with me!

More Love Letters

We wrote to Rosie, who is just going off to college and broke her arm right before leaving. Three weeks in a cast, but I know she’ll bounce back!

More Love LettersMore Love Letters

And we sent notes to Victor, whose friend wrote in asking for us to make his birthday extra special by sending in a fun card.

More Love Letters

More Love Letters

We had lots of fun writing these cards and I can’t wait to mail them out. Hopefully it brightens their days a little bit. My challenge for you this week: Grab a friend, pick up some stationary and write some love letters to strangers!

P.S. While I’ll be updating the Happsters blog a little less frequently, I’m still very active on Instagram, where you can get daily Happsters inspiration.

3 thoughts on “More Love Letters

  1. Awesome! I believe God has shared with me to write “Love Letters” for many years now. One day I voiced this exciting with someone very important whom I looked up to and let’s just say the idea was not encouraged. After that experience I guess you can say I lost the confidence and enthusiasm but the vision never left my heart.

    Different situations have come up that prompted me to begin the wonderful journey of allowing God to use me to speak a word of kindness and uplift others through words on paper. Today as simple as this post may be I know this is confirmation for me to fully go forth in what the Lord has asked me to do and never to allow someone else to dissuade my purpose or influence my obedience unto the Him. Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry about the looongg post, didn’t plan for that. ;=)

    Be A Blessing!


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